Yin Hao

A slightly sweet, floral tea with clear fresh notes of green tea. Because the scent of the blossom is absorbed by the tea, a delicious delicate Jasmine fragrance is released when the tea is brewed.

The Yin Hao is a green tea from China. It is grown in the province of Fujian, according to traditional methods and selected by Madame Tseng. The name of this tea means silver hair point.

A green tea is an unfermented tea. Only the buds and first two leaves are picked. The Jasmine blossom is picked in the evening because of the strong scent. A kilo of Jasmine tea requires ten kilos of blossom.

To add the taste of Jasmine to the tea, the blossom is placed on top of the spreaded tea for 24 hours. It is has to be refreshed constantly. The old blossom is removed before the scent disappears. In this way, the tea leaves absorb the scent of the Jasmine blossom, which obtain the Jasmin flavor. A natural process to make Jasmin tea.


  • 30 grams lose tea
  • 50 grams lose tea
  • 125 grams lose tea

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