81 • Verveine


A refreshing infusion of Verveine with lemon flavor and scents of citrus. Verveine is excellent to put in a tonic and surprisingly refreshing together with mint. This tea is a delicious cold and warm drink. You can drink this tea perfectly in the evening, because it has no effect on the night's rest. Verveine is also often used in desserts.

Verveine is not a real tea but an infusion of the herb Verveine. Real tea contains caffeine and tannin, but this one has not any. This herb comes from Chile and is also known as Verbena Citriodora. This plant grows in sheltered places with mild winters and start blooming late. Verveine has long narrow green leaves that are lancet shaped and white flowers. A drink similar to tea is made from these leaves. This tea is raising popularity.

This herb is widely used by experts for digestive complaints and certain health problems. It has a healthy effect at the body. This herb was also considered by the Romans and Druids as one of the most magical herbs, because this is a love herb. Verveine has been used since ancient times.



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