22 •  Teng Chong Xué Rong

    22 • Teng Chong Xué Rong


    A fresh, floral and fruity tea with a scent of orchids changed with an aroma of sweet peas. There is also a taste of apricot in the tea. The tea has a pure taste and no trace of bitterness. A tea for real green tea lovers.

    The Teng Chong Xué Rong is a green tea from China. It is grown in the province of Yunnan, according to traditional methods and especially selected by Madame Tseng. This province has a mountainous landscape.

    A green tea is an unfermented tea. For this green tea only the buds and upper leaves of the tea plant are used. These leaves can be picked several times per season, but each picking will be different because of the weather influences. After picking and fading the leaves, they are steamed or cooked to prevent oxidation or fermentation and to preserve the green color. After this, the leaves are pulled through a roller to break. After this process they still need to dry.