Su Hong


An elegant tea with dashes of liquorice and fruit. It has a dominant element of chocolate, which remembers of the smell of real cocoa powder. This tea is delicious at breakfast, but also nice with a stew and a chocolate dessert.

The Su Hong is a black tea from China and is processed in a small tea factory in the province of Jiangsiu. The tea is grown according to traditional methods and especially selected by Madame Tseng for De Eenhoorn.

A black tea is a fully fermented tea. The plant has crooked black leaves with some golden tips. For this tea only the bud and first two leaves are picked. After the harvest, these leaves are laid to dry in the air for withering. As soon as the leaves are flexible enough to be processed, they are rolled by hand. In this way the oxidation or fermentation process starts, this will influence the taste and color of the tea. After rolling, the leaves have to remain for a few hours to ferment, where they are regularly shoveled. Finally, the leaves are baked in hot air ovens to prevent rotting.



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