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July 14, 2018  tot  July 14, 2018
Stadshagen, Zwolle

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August 2, 2018  tot  August 2, 2018
Beerze Bulten, Kampweg 1, Beerze

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August 30, 2018  tot  September 2, 2018
Noordereiland, Zwolle
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    Black tea

    An elegant tea with dashes of liquorice and fruit. It has a dominant element of chocolate, which remembers of the smell of real cocoa powder. This tea is delicious at breakfast, but also nice with a stew and a chocolate dessert. The Su Hong is a black tea from China and is processed in a small tea factory in the province of Jiangsiu. The tea is grown...

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item