43 • Qi Hong Gong Fu


    A complex tea with a clear tone of chocolate. A scent of raw cocoa beans and fruit with floral hints in the aftertaste. The tea is nice for breakfast, but also very nice with chocolate desserts.

    The Qi Hong Gong Fu is a black tea from China, also called Keemun. It is grown on a plantation in the vicinity of the city of Qi Men (Keemun), in the province of Anhui. Here it is grown according to traditional methods and especially selected by Madame Tseng for De Eenhoorn.

    A black tea is a fully fermented tea. The plant has brown-black leaves with some golden tips. Only the bud and first two leaves are picked. After harvesting, the leaves are laid to dry. Once the leaves are flexible enough, they are rolled by hand professionally, without breaking. That is why this tea is called Gongfu, which stands for skill. After the rolling, the tea must oxidize for several hours. Finally, the tea is fired in a hot air oven to prevent rotting.