Mist Valley

A fruity, sweet tea with a scent of apple and citrus fruit. In the taste you can discover hints of brown sugar and honey. A good tea for a high tea.

The Mist Valley is a black tea from Nepal. It is grown on the Mist Valley plantation in the highlands of East Nepal, near the Darjeeling tea fields in India. The plantation is located in an area with an altitude of 1300 to 1750 meters. Here it is grown according to traditional methods and especially selected by Madame Tseng for De Eenhoorn.

A black tea is a fully fermented tea. The plant has red-brown leaves with silver tips. After harvesting the leaves they have to dry in the air to extract most moisture. If the leaves are flexible enough to be processed, they are rolled by hand to initiate the fermentation process. After rolling, the leaves have to remain for a few hours to ferment, where they are regularly shoveled. Finally, the leaves are baked in hot air ovens to prevent rotting.


  • 50 grams lose tea
  • 75 grams lose tea
  • 125 grams lose tea

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