Mao Feng Biologisch

A fresh green tea with a taste of fine herbs and a touch of young vegetables and seaweed. It also contains a little hint of citrus fruit. The tea is delicious with every meal, but tastes particularly good with fish dishes.

The Mao Feng is a green tea from China. The color of the tea is a bright green color. It is harvested in the early spring on the Qingshan plantation in Hunan province. Here they are produced according to traditional methods and handmade. Hunan is located in the south of China.

A green tea is an unfermented tea. Only the buds and first two leaves are picked, this can be done several times per season, but each picking is different. After picking and fading the leaves, they are immediately steamed or cooked to prevent oxidation and to preserve the green color of the leaves. After this process, the leaves go through large rollers to break them. After this the leaves have to be dried and sorted out.


  • 15 pyramid bags
  • 50 pyramid bags

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