82 • Kamille


    An infusion of chamomile with a sweet and slightly bitter taste that stays in the mouth for a long time. You can drink this tea just before bedtime without any problems.

    Chamomile is not a real tea but an infusion of the flowers of the herb Chamomile. Real tea contains caffeine and tannin, but this one hasn’t any. Although most Chamomile comes from Egypt, this herb is picked in Austria. She is also known under the name Matricaria Chamomilla. This herb is also found in the wild in Western Europe, but it is often grown to make tea.

    Chamomile is a wonder drug that has been used since ancient times. She offers many health benefits. It has an analgesic, soothing and stress-relieving effect and helps against all sorts of disorders. The flowers are picked from June to September when the flowers are completely open and the hearts are pretty yellow. This happens first thing in the morning, after the dew is gone. The flowers are placed in a dry place to dry for a few weeks.