Earl Grey – lose tea

A subtle black tea with an aroma of bergamot, a citrus from southern Italy. A refreshing tea with a light citrus taste. You can drink this tea perfectly in the afternoon or after the meal. You can drink this tea with milk and / or sugar or in summer as iced tea.

The Earl Gray is a black tea from China. It can no longer be ignored from the tea world. It is the best-known flavored tea in the world. However Earl Grey tea is mostly made from Indian tea or tea from Sri Lanka, this tea comes from China.

A Black tea is a fully fermented tea. The plant has small black leaves. The tips of the leaf buds are picked together with two leaves. After harvesting, the leaves have to dry in the air. Then the leaves are rolled by hand to release the enzymes and start the oxidation. This creates the final color and taste of the tea. After rolling, the tea must oxidize for a few hours, before they get baked in a hot air oven.


  • 75 grams lose tea
  • 250 grams lose tea

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