36 • Dong Ding


    A tea with a scent of flowers and sweet tropical fruit. The tea tastes like coconut, red grapefruit and honey. It has a long and pure aftertaste.

    The Dong Ding is an oolong tea from Taiwan and is also called a blue-green tea. This tea is produced in teagardens in the Dong Ding Mountains of the region Nan Tou. Here it is grown according to traditional methods and especially selected by Madame Tseng for De Eenhoorn.

    An oolong is a half fermented tea. This plant has large rolled blue-green leaves. After picking, these leaves are spread out in the sun to dry and wither. The leaves are regularly shaken and rolled by hand, to break the edges. At these places Oxidation or fermentation will start. As soon as the edges of the leaves turn red, they are cooked in a pan for 15 minutes. This ensures that the fermentation process stops and a beautiful oolong is created.