Beauté Académique

A tea with a dark taste and scent. First you can smell honey and roasted corn, followed by the aroma of caramel and brown sugars. This tea slowly fills the mouth with homogeneous aromas and covers the palate with a full texture.

The Beauté Académique is an oolong tea from Taiwan and is also called a blue-green tea. This tea comes from an exclusive Taiwan teagarden, where it is cultivated according to traditional methods and especially selected by Madame Tseng for De Eenhoorn.

An oolong is a half fermented tea. This plant has large dark green leaves that are rolled and can be picked from late May to mid-August. After the harvest, these are spread out in the sun to wither. The leaves are regularly shaken and rolled by hand, to break the edges. At these spots oxidation will start. As soon as the edges of the leaves turn red, they are cooked for 15 minutes. This will stop the process of fermenting.


  • 30 grams lose tea
  • 75 grams lose tea
  • 125 grams lose tea

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