Bai Mu Dan

A subtle, fresh tea with a scent of flowers and fruit. Because this tea has a beautiful, pure feeling in the mouth, it is wonderful to drink as refreshment.

The Bai Mu Dan is a white tea from China. This tea comes from a small quality garden, with a yield of 200 kilos of tea. Here it is grown according to traditional methods and specially selected by Madame Tseng for De Eenhoorn. The name Bai Mu Dan means White Peony. The name derives from the way the leaves appear to bloom as the buds of the first flowers in the spring.

A white tea is an unfermented tea. For the white tea, only the buds and the first two leaves of the tea plant are picked. Once these buds and leaves grow, they must be picked within 48 hours. After this, the leaves are spread out to allow them to dry. This is called fading. This will soften the cell walls of the leaves. Finally the leaves are pressed or steamed and ground in cold and warm rollers. After that process they only need to dry.


  • 15 grams lose tea
  • 30 grams lose tea
  • 125 grams lose tea

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