Las delicias - Columbia

A nice, mild coffee which is perfectly balanced. This coffee has a gently mildly taste. This coffee is especially nice for an espresso.

The Café Sofia is a 100% Arabica coffee from the type Castillo. This coffee grows high in the western Andes mountain range of Colombia. The farm is situated at 2000 meters altitude. The area has a volcanic soil, which is great for the fertility.

After harvesting the ripe coffee berries, they are peeled by the wet, or washed, method. The berries get washed in large water tanks. The ripe berries are heavier and sink to the bottom. This way the unripe berries and dirt can be easily thrown away. The good berries will go into the peeling machine to separate the seeds, from the pulp. After this, the beans may soak in the water to ferment the mucous membrane around the bean. This is also called yeasting. Now the ripest beans also sink directly to the bottom of the tank. After this process, the beans get dried on large drying beds or in drying machines.

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