Eenhoorn tours around the country with the "SmaakVolvo" and visit various events where she provides guests with flavorful coffee and tea from the trunk! A fun and original way to make your party, corporate event or festival to feature coffee and tea! The "SmaakVolvo" is a Volvo Duett 1967 and it is a real eyecatcher. Our "SmaakVolvo" is for rent t including driver and barista.

Besides the "SmaakVolvo" there is a Eenhoor TukTuk as well. A bright red, typical Indian tuktuk containing a retractable coffeebar. A real eye-catcher for your event or festival.

Are you interested? Want flavorful coffee from a striking car? You can contact us at +31 (0) 38-333 72 97 or e-mail to We look forward to discus with you the possibilities we can offer.