Looking for a nice location for a wedding photo?

Our monumental building from 1883 is located in the middle of the center of Kampen. This building is very nice for making wedding photos. Culture, gastronomy, history and sociability are coming together here. After all, you only get married once and this beautiful moment has to be stored forever.

The building offers a number of unique places for photography. How about a photo of the bride and groom, standing in our pretty shop, bar, Kenne Room, roasting house or the ground floor from the cigar factory. A unique location for a photo shoot of the best day of your life.

To book the location for your wedding shoot, you can send an email to info@eenhoorn.eu. We would like to receive a confirmation one day in advance, so we can arrange everything. The costs for using our building for the photoshoot is €50,-. A drink is included for all the guests.