Come and try! 

De Eenhoorn coffee and tea offers delicious tastings to get to know our products. You can try special taste combinations and our personnel will inform you about all the products. These tastings are also nice to book for family- and business excursions. It is also possible to book a combination of different tastings. For special requests or reservation of one of our current tastings could you please fill in the contact form

Most of our tastings will last 2,5 hours. Only the longfiller tasting will last for 3 hours. First you get a warm welcome with a nice cup of coffee or tea. Then you get a tour from about an hour through the historical building of De Eenhoorn and Cigarfactory De Olifant. Then the tasting from aproximately 1.5 hour will start. Below you can find the information of all our current tastings.

Tea tasting

A very nice tasting voor tealovers, given by Binet Brasser or Tineke Jansen. They know everything about tea and will tell enthusiastic about all the different types of tea, their origin and the right way of preparing tea. You can try different combinations from tea with snacks. Come and try and learn everything about tea. For more information about our tea tasting, click here.

Coffee tasting

Coffeelovers are in the right place at our coffee tasting. The coffee tasting is given by Tineke Jansen or Elsbeth Hekkert. They can tell you everything about the different types of coffee, their typical taste and the best way of preparing coffee. You will also taste different combinations from coffee with snacks. Come to see, taste, smell and enjoy. For more information about our coffee tasting click here.

Cigar tasting

Smokers can try a selection of our assortment here. Our cigarspecialists Errol Schenkers and Marjolein Diesch will tell you comprehensively about the smoking etiquette, the origin of tobacco and the productionprocess from the Dutch cigars or our longfillers. In our beautiful Pander room you will smoke and discuss 2 different cigars. Snacks and a glass of port will be provided. We offer tastings for 

Port tasting

Also Port tastings will be provided by us and given by Marjolijn Diesch. She knows everything about this delicious drink and will offer different types of port. During this tasting she will tell you a lot about this drink and provide different snacks to try. For more information about a port tasting click here.

These tastings and special requests can be booked through our contact form .