Contemporary and yet traditional, warm and friendly, open and interrogative, sustainable, quality, scent flavour and taste, relax, control yourself, enjoy 


A lot of words to discribe De Eenhoorn. Are you a entepreneur and would like to work with our products? You can contact us by calling our number +31 (0)38 - 333 72 97 or send an email to We will be happy to inform you about our products and our way of working.

Are you interested in the products of De Eenhoorn, we certainly can mean something for you. De Eenhoorn delivers coffee and tea to retail business, food service industry and business world. Our sister company Cigarfactory De Olifant delivers her cigars to the retail business and the food service industry.

Beside that De Eenhoorn has a mobile coffeebar, The "Taste" Volvo. This is a classic, red Volvo Duett from which we serve coffee and tea. If you are looking for an eye-cather for your company opening or party, the Volvo can be there. We also have a coffee Tuctuc. A red, typically Indian Tuctuc with extendible coffeebar. This Tuctuc also will look marvelous at your company. We can also provide someone who can make delicious coffees or a coffee machine to serve perfect coffees at your location.

The goal of De Eenhoorn is to make coffee and tea of the best quality in a traditional, artisan way.We would like to inform you more about our way of producing, our philosophy and our taste experiences. We want to bring you to the world of coffee, tea and tobacco. On mondays we organize masterclasses to learn all about our company.

Do you want to receive any further information about our products, renting our Volvo or Tuctuc or attending a masterclass? Please contact us via our contact information above. It is also possible to hire one of our beautiful rooms, like the Pander room, for a meeting or lunch.

Target group and quality

The consumer of quality products will not use our products just like that, but save it until a special moment of the day which fit his or her way of living. This lifestyle includes interest in the product itself, whereby the focus of attention lies ad tasting and enjoying the great scents, tastes and aroma's.

"Highest quality" meant:

  • the way of producing which guarantees the best quality of the products
  • using the best resources (scent, aroma and taste), irrespective of price
  • cooperation with the supplier to get the best resources, with care of biological cultivation and social conditions for the farmers
  • process the resources with attention and care
  • the material and design of the packaging
  • systematic control during the production process of semi-finished products and wrapping with care of the final product
  • systematic control of the final product through an independent coffee and tea panel
  • a location for producing which is accessible for consumers and fits with the philosophy of the products
  • organizing tours through the building
  • to give presentations and tastings of the products to provide the desired information and service

Sales and distribution

Products of De Eenhoorn are directly available for the consumer through:

  • the store in the Oudestraat 101-103
  • the online webshop:
  • at home through a coffee- or tea mail subscription

The products are indirectly available through:

  • retail business
  • wholesale business and exporters
  • food industry business
  • companies who fit in the high quality ambiance of De Eenhoorn

Direct distribution

Contributors of De Eenhoorn are part of the production philosophy of De Eenhoorn and can inform the consumers very well about the products. The contributors have knowledge about the origins, resources, way of producing and the way of using the final products. 

During tastings the consumer can get to know the scent, the aroma and taste of our products. The consumer also can order products by mail. When it is possible we add leaflets to the order to inform the consumer about our products.

Indirect distribution

Consumers are part of the production philosophy of De Eenhoorn and should be able to inform their customers about it. They have to agree with the products and know how they are made and feel connected with the location of the products.

Our consumers are selected by the next criteria:

  • capability and the power to know the latest marketdevelopments
  • having a customer file that fits with the products of De Eenhoorn
  • having charisma in their own region that is in harmony with De Eenhoorn