Eenhoorn Business

Eenhoorn Coffee and Tea

The purpose of the Eenhoorn is the manufacture of coffee and tea of ​​the highest quality in traditional handicraft. The Eenhoorn, and his organization is located in a beautiful Grade II Listed on Kampen Oudestraat 103. Eenhoorn works from the following vision:

Character of the Eenhoorn:

Contemporary yet traditional, warm and friendly, open and informative.
Durable, quality, odor, flavor and taste Slowing, the boss yourself, Enjoy

If you are a business owner and would like to work with the products Eenhoorn? You can contact us at 038-333 72 97 or by sending an e-mail to Contact us to learn more about our products and our way of working.
The target group and enjoy in moderation products

Consumers of quality products will be consuming these articles reserve for the rest times of the day or for the special occasions that suit his / her lifestyle. In this lifestyle should include attention to a different way of dealing with the articles. The emphasis is on the conscious taste and intensely enjoy the fine scents, flavors and tastes of the intended quality products.

What Eenhoorn meant by 'the highest quality'

With "the highest quality" means:

The production, which ensures the highest quality of the final product.
The use of the best (smell, arome and flavor) raw materials, regardless of price.
Cooperation with the supplier in order to obtain best raw material paying attention to sustainable cultivation of the raw materials and good working conditions for the employees on site.
The raw materials are full of attention and care.
The material and design of the packaging.
The systematic quality control during the production of semi-finished and carefully packaging the finished product.
Systematic quality by means Independent (coffee, tea) on the panels
end product.
A production location that is accessible to customers and consumers and
terms of appearance fits with the philosophy of the product.
Organizing tours of the production sites,
and giving presentations and tastings of products and
providing the information and hospitality.

Marketing & distribution

The products of the Eenhoorn are available directly to consumers via:

The shop in the Old Street 101-103
The online shop:
Home via a koffiepost- tea or mail subscription

The products are available through its indirectly:

Wholesalers and exporters
Companies that fit into the high-quality feel of the Eenhoorn.

Direct distribution

Employees of the Eenhoorn are part of the production philosophy of the Eenhoorn and the consumer may well informed about the products. The employees are informed of the origin of the raw materials, the characteristics and mode of production of the raw materials and the use of the end product.

While tasting the opportunity for consumers to get notified of the smell, the aroma and taste of the products.

Consumer Articles can also be ordered by post where brochures will be added to it so that it is informed about the origin of the raw materials, the characteristics and mode of production of the raw materials and the use of the end product.
Indirect distribution

Customers are part of the production philosophy of the Eenhoorn and must be able to transfer this production philosophy to the consumer. They should stand behind the product, but also know how products are made and feel connected to the production site.

Our recipients are selected on the basis of the following criteria:

Expertise and ability to respond to the current market development;
Have a customer base which is primarily associated with the products Eenhoorn
Radiation have in its own region, which is in harmony with the Eenhoorn.