Sigar factory Olifant and de Eenhoorn Coffee and tea Tours
In collaboration with the Olifant sigar factory Eenhoorn organizes tours around the property. We welcome you to this cultural and historical environment, where you can see the production of tea, coffee and cigars, smell, touch and taste. You meet enthusiastic and expert staff whom with passion produce quality products and to inform you about it. The information provides you a glimpse into the fascinating world of coffee, tea and tobacco. It is necessary to make an appoint for a tour. 

Tours are by appointment from Monday to Saturday between 9 am -17 pm. On Monday through Thursday there will be produced. If you are interested in a guided tour you can express your wishes by contacting us at at the following email address or call +31 (0) 38-3312155. We are more than happy to hear when and with how many people would like to visit us. If you have special needs, you can always tell us. Eenhoorn will get back in touch with you.

The costs for 2-4 people are € 15, - per person.
From 5 persons and up this will be € 10, - per person.

You can also make an appointment for a tour in the evenings. This requires Eenhoorn to pass a different rate.

An industrial museum up and running ... with art! A place to enjoy. The store is the entrance. This clasic room offers a good overview of the entire range of cigars. At the back of the shop is a narrow corridor that takes you to the factory. In the cigar factory of the Elephant you will find a maze of work and storage rooms; constructed of wood, unplastered walls and stone floors of clinkers, tiles, floor tiles and parts of the attic trusses date from the late Middle Ages. The crooked walls, old brick floors and the wooden decking of the sigars factory the Olifant are permeated with the smell of tobacco and cedar.  In this monumental factory tobacco is manufactured since 1883. For a long time the factory mainly used to have a museum-like character, but since the mid 80s of last century there is plenty of production again. Using traditional -some pre-war- machines of which the oldest dates back to 1888.  Some pre-war machines are modernized in 2009. Walking along the attractive rooms and tobacco-filled spaces is clear that the Olifant cigars are produced with great care and passion. Whether it's the way of blending or the method of production and packaging, quality is decisive. Joyful employees are in love with "their" factory. They "run" an established production cigars per year divided among several models and limited editions.

As you walk through the moisturizing section, here the dried wrappers.- Sumatra sand sheet and Java Journal - are being moistened and made elastic straight to the blendingroom where the cigar filler is well mixed. The filler consists of well Braziel-, Havana- and Sumatratobacco's. Besides just looking around here, you can also smell the various blends, ready to be blended as a cigar. After a look at the colonial-like storage you go upstairs. Here 14 women work every day at seven pre-war yet modernized cigar machines. They fabricate almost four million cigars per year. The cigars are mounted six weeks, then tested and if found good wrapped in beautiful cedar boxes. After a tour of our company you will be aware of the careful selection of tobaccos that we use. You will learn that each petal sometimes by hand more than 100 times before being incorporated into a cigar. For culture - history lovers it's truly a pleasure to walk through the company.

Oifant is committed to maintain the charming, cultural and historical heritage. The municipalities of Zwolle and Kampen worshiped de Olifant with the "Erfgoed Prijs" (Heritage Prize) in 2010. Cigars factory Olifant was proclaimed on May 21 2012 "Ondernemer van het jaar" (Entrepreneur of the Year).