Eenhoorn coffee tasting

First you'll get a tour at the Eenhoorn coffee and tea. You see our art, beautiful smoke rooms and the distillery. Then you get a tasting session with different types of coffee, in which coffee is judged in a professional manner. In this session you will also be informed about the different ways of preparing coffee. Duration of the program is approximately 2.5 hours. If you are interested in a coffee tasting, you can book tickets here.

2-4 people, cost € 35 per person.
5-12 people, cost € 27.50 per person.
13 or more people, cost € 25 per person.

Of course you can discuss with us about combining different tastings. So, non-smokers opt for a coffee or tea tasting, while the smokers enjoy a cigar tasting. You can discuss with us a special rate if you like to attend with a bigger group. If you want to book this tasting or you have a special request please fill in our contact form.