A delicious, sweet, full, fresh coffee, very well balanced. This coffee has an aroma that resembles a perfume. A little scent of Jasmine and citrus, with a fruity taste of Jasmine, apricot and mandarin. The coffee has a powerful aftertaste of spices and chocolate.

The Sidamo coffee is a 100% Arabica coffee from the indigenous varieties Kurume and Welicho. The coffee plants grow in the area of ​​the Shakiso in Oromia, one of the largest coffee areas in Ethiopia. This area is located in the Guji region. The farm is situated in the mountains at an altitude of 1800 meters.

After harvesting the ripe coffee berries, they are getting washed and sorted. After this process, the seeds are separated from the pulp and the skin by a machine. The beans that are left over will ferment in a water bath. This is also called wet or washed method. Depending on the weather, this process can take 36 to 72 hours. Finally, the beans are dried for 10 to 15 days on raised beds. These beds are called African beds.  In these beds they will get shaken constantly for an equal way of drying.


  • 250 gram
  • 1 kg
  • 2.5 kg

Coffee is the main export product of Ethiopia.

It is thought that African coffee plant originally came from Ethiopia, from the province of Kaffa. In Ethiopia, coffee is growing a lot in the wild. The country produces some of the most unique and fascinating coffee in the world. Ethiopian coffee is known by consumers as mountains coffee because it is grown in the mountains. Known coffee areas are Kefa, Wollega, Illubabor and Sidamo and Yirgacheffe. The plants 'Sidamo' is one of the best high mountain coffee. Approximately 98% of coffee is grown on small farms of less than one hectare.

It is known that coffee, high-quality, such as the Sidamo, be made from freshly picked and fully mature berries. Harvesting is done very carefully, under constant supervision, to make sure to use only the best berries. The coffee is harvested from October to December. Good coffee from Sidamo has an intense aroma, known as 'flora'. It has a fine and elegant acidity and a full body. In the cafe one finds often show of fresh fruit such as tangerines, lime, citrus, bergamot and red fruits. In the aftertaste you can taste hints of sweet chocolate. Because of its delicate and fine quality Sidamo is popular among coffee roasters.

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