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    July 14, 2018  tot  July 14, 2018
    Stadshagen, Zwolle

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    August 2, 2018  tot  August 2, 2018
    Beerze Bulten, Kampweg 1, Beerze

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    August 30, 2018  tot  September 2, 2018
    Noordereiland, Zwolle
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      A wayward and mysterious coffee. This coffee has a scent of liquorice, cinnamon and clove. A fruity taste with a long rich aftertaste of caramel and liquorice. An excitingly, adventurously, earthly and spicy coffee for a real daredevil. The Koptan Gayo coffee is a 100% Arabica coffee of the types Typica, Catiomor and Tim Tim. It grows at a plantation in...

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    Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item