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      A Sweet and fruity coffee, with an aroma of honey, caramel and fruit. The coffee has a taste of tropical fruits, such as mango and creamy almond. A coffee with a medium body. The Finca Ceylan is a 100% Arabica coffee. It grows at the Finca Ceylan y Anexos farm in the Atitlán region, in the area of ​​San Miguel Pochuta, Guatemala. This coffee is...

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      Taste A coffee with a beautiful fruity aroma. You can taste notes of  red fruit, such as blackcurrant, raspberry and rosehip, but also occasionally a hint of citrus. If you are a real coffee geak, you should definitely taste this coffee. Facts Origin - KeniaRegion - KirinyagaVariety - SL28 / SL 34 / Ruiru 11Farm - KaguyuAltitude - 1600 metresProcessing...

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      Herkomst naar keuze

      Five different types of coffee delivered at home: mild coffee from Brazil, honey tones from Guatemala, sweet and fruity coffee from Ethiopia, revered tones from Kenya and a spicy coffee from Sumatra. Fresh coffeebeans delivered at home every weekend? Then take a coffeepost subscription at De Eenhoorn. Five weeks long, every Friday you will receive an...

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      At the moment the Koptan Gayo from Sumatra is not available. We are waiting for the new harvest from Sumatra. The first samples are in and the cupping has started. We hope to be able to offer the Sumatra again as soon as possible. Alternatively we can advise the El Palto from Peru.

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      Dominican Republic

      Taste A coffee with a full body and a lovely aroma. The coffee is fresh with notes of hazelnuts and chocolat.    Facts Origin - Dominican RepublicRegion - JarabacoaVariety - CaturraFarm - RamirezAltitude - 800 till 1500 metresProcessing method - WashedCertification - organic  

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      Taste A mild coffee with a scent of flowers, vanille and tobacco. The coffee has notes of hazelnuts and chocolate.  Facts Origin - BrasilRegion - MogianaVariety - Yellow BourbonFarm - Fazenda RainhaAltitude - 1100 till 1500 metresProcessing method - Washed  

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      A delicious, sweet, full, fresh coffee, very well balanced. This coffee has an aroma that resembles a perfume. A little scent of Jasmine and citrus, with a fruity taste of Jasmine, apricot and mandarin. The coffee has a powerful aftertaste of spices and chocolate. The Sidamo coffee is a 100% Arabica coffee from the indigenous varieties Kurume and...

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      Taste A sweet coffee with tones of fruit and chocolate. Facts Origin - PeruRegion - El PaltoVariety - Catimor, Caturra en TypicaFarm - Juan Marco El PaltoAltitude - 1300 till 1600 metresProcessing method - WashedCertifcation - organic

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      Taste A mild coffee with notes of tropical fruit, berries and chocolat. The perfect coffee for de starting coffeedrinker.  Facts Origin - MexicoRegion - ChiapasVariety - Typica, Bourbon en Mundo NovoFarm - Sierra AzulAltitude - 1200 till 1600 metresProcessing method - WashedCertification - organic  

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    Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items