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      Taste A sweet fruity coffee with an aroma of honey, caramel and fruit. The coffee has a taste of tropical fruits such as mango and creamy flavors of almond. A coffee with a medium body. Facts Origin - GuatemalaRegion - AtitlanVariety - Catimor, Caturra en TypicaFarm - Finca Ceylan y AnexosAltitude - 1300 till 2000 metresProcessing method - Washed and...

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      Herkomst naar keuze

      Five different types of coffee delivered at home: mild coffee from Brazil, honey tones from Guatemala, sweet and fruity coffee from Ethiopia, revered tones from Kenya and a spicy coffee from Sumatra. Fresh coffeebeans delivered at home every weekend? Then take a coffeepost subscription at De Eenhoorn. Five weeks long, every Friday you will receive an...

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      Taste An intense coffee with notes of herbs such as sage and thyme. You also taste light tones of cedar wood and dark chocolate.Kenmerken Facts Origin - Indonesia - SumatraRegion - TakengonVariety - Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra en TypicaFarm - Ketiara Cooperative - the only coffee plantation in Indonesia that is exclusively run by womenAltitude - 1200...

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      Dominican Republic

      Taste A coffee with a full body and a lovely aroma. The coffee is fresh with notes of hazelnuts and chocolat.    Facts Origin - Dominican RepublicRegion - JarabacoaVariety - CaturraFarm - RamirezAltitude - 800 till 1500 metresProcessing method - WashedCertification - organic  

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      Taste A mild coffee with a scent of flowers, vanille and tobacco. The coffee has notes of hazelnuts and chocolate.  Facts Origin - BrasilRegion - MogianaVariety - Yellow BourbonFarm - Fazenda RainhaAltitude - 1100 till 1500 metresProcessing method - Washed  

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      Taste A delicious, sweet, full, fresh coffee, very well balanced. This coffee has an aroma that resembles a perfume. A little scent of Jasmine and citrus, with a fruity taste of Jasmine, apricot and mandarin. The coffee has a powerful aftertaste of spices and chocolate. Facts Origin - EthiopiaRegion - GujiVariety - Kurume and WelichoFarm - Wotoma...

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      Taste A sweet coffee with tones of fruit and chocolate. Facts Origin - PeruRegion - El PaltoVariety - Catimor, Caturra en TypicaFarm - Juan Marco El PaltoAltitude - 1300 till 1600 metresProcessing method - WashedCertifcation - organic

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      Taste A mild coffee with notes of tropical fruit, berries and chocolat. The perfect coffee for de starting coffeedrinker.  Facts Origin - MexicoRegion - ChiapasVariety - Typica, Bourbon en Mundo NovoFarm - Sierra AzulAltitude - 1200 till 1600 metresProcessing method - WashedCertification - organic  

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