Monte Alto Jarabacoa - Dominican Republic organic

A full and fragrant coffee, with excellent freshness. In the long aftertaste you can taste a bit of hazelnuts and chocolate.

The Monte Alto Jarabacoa is a 100% Arabica coffee from the type Caturra. The coffee plant grows on a farm in Jarabacoa since 1943, where yet the third generation is working now. This farm is located in an area with a height of 800 to 1500 meters in the central part of the Dominican Republic.

After picking, the berries will be processed the same day. The coffee berries are picked by hand. First the skin of the berry will be removed with the help of a machine. Then the beans go into a water tank to ferment. This is called the wet or washed method. After this fermentation process the beans get washed and are placed in the sun to dry on patios. Sometimes they also use a drying machine. Finally, after the hard pergamine skin will be removed, the coffee get sorted out by hand.


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