Finca Ceylan

A Sweet and fruity coffee, with an aroma of honey, caramel and fruit. The coffee has a taste of tropical fruits, such as mango and creamy almond. A coffee with a medium body.

The Finca Ceylan is a 100% Arabica coffee. It grows at the Finca Ceylan y Anexos farm in the Atitlán region, in the area of ​​San Miguel Pochuta, Guatemala. This coffee is biological certified. The Farm is situated high in the mountains between 1300 and 2000 meters. Because of the clay and volcanic surface, the soil is very fertile.

After harvesting the coffee berries, they are processed according to the wet and dry method. With the traditional wet method, the berries get a bath first to filter out the ripe berries. Then they are depleted in a machine. After that the berries will ferment in a water bath. They are mixed up regularly. After this process the beans will dry on high beds. With the dry method, the berries will dry first for 15-20 days and get depulped afterwards. They they get mixed up regularly as well.


  • 250 gram
  • 1 kg
  • 2.5 kg

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