Sigri Estate – Papua New Guinea

A mild and soft coffee, with a softly, freshly aftertaste. This coffee has a spicy scent with a hint of berries. The taste is similar, but completed with honey and chocolate flavors.

The Sigri Estate is a 100% Arabica coffee from the varieties Typica, Catimor and Catura and grows at the Sigri Estate farm in the Waghi Valley in Papua New Guinea. The farm started in 1950 and is located at 1600 meters altitude. The coffee berries are only picked by hand. This is a precise job; because all the berries are checked very well. Only the fully ripe berries with a red color are picked. These berries have the best balance between sugar and acidity.

After picking, the berries are placed in a bath where the ripe berries sink to the bottom and the unripe remain floating. They will be processed into pulp the same day. After this process, the berries have to ferment for another three days in a water bath. Then they have to soak for a full day to complete the processing. Finally the beans are dried in the sun.

€ 8,90

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