Perdomo Lot 23

Gemaakt van tabak die afkomstig is van plantage 23 in Nicaragua geoogst in 2006. Vandaar haar naam. Alleen het dekblad komt van een ander stukje grond. Het dekblad komt uit Nicaragua van een Connecticut zaad lijn. De lengte is 12,7 cm en breedte is 19,8 mm.

€ 7,50


Nicaragua is a volcanic and fertile land.

In addition to coffee and cotton they also grow tobacco.
The main tobacco region of Nicaragua lies north of the capital Managua. The area stretches from the city of Esteli to the Honduran border.

Well known is the area Nueva Segovia with the famous valley of Jalapa.
This area is because of its location, the volcanic soil and climate as well as for tobacco cultivation that is compared by agronomists and tobaccers, to the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba.

In Nicaragua, wrapper, binder and inner leaves are produced. The tobacco from Nicaragua is full of character and has a slightly sweet taste. Beautiful tasteful tobacco is very popular and hence the cigar production around Esteli is rising sharply in recent years. The country is emerging.

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