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Macanudo Cafe Baron de Rothschild

Geproduceerd in de Dominicaanse Republiek, is deze mooie lonsdale opgedekt met het fijne Connecticut Shade dekblad. Het binnengoed wordt gevormd door een smaakvolle mix van Dominicaanse - en Mexicaanse tabak. Het omblad is geteeld in de rijke St. Andres Tuxtla Vallei van Mexico.

€ 7,50

Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is currently the largest producer of cigars country in the world. The cigar production is particularly in and around the capital city Santiago. The country came into view after there was a cigar boom in America around 1990.

Until around 2010, the focus was on the handmade longfillers. From 2010 there is also much focus on short fillers.

In the fertile Cibao valley tobacco is grown for cigars. Olor Dominicano, the only original tobacco from the Dominican Republic, with its mild salty flavor is used for the filler and binder.

In recent years, successful attempts are also made to grow wrapper. But much is still made use of wrapper from Connecticut, Nicaragua, Mexico and Cameroon.