In our humidor we offer a wide range of shortfillers and longfillers. Cigar factory De Olifant is located behind our store. We offer cigars from the Netherlands, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua. 

Olifant Fantje


Olifant Petit


Olifant Mini Sumatra


Olifant Giant Sumatra


Olifant VOC


Olifant Knakje


Olifant VOC XO


Olifant Knakje XO


Olifant Matelieff


Olifant Matelieff Vintage


Olifant Corona


Olifant Corona Vintage


Olifant Panarillo


Olifant Corona Panatella


Olifant Corona Panatella Vintage


Olifant Valentino Robusto


Olifant Ivory




Cedarwood case - small